"I love art therapy! This is the fourth time I have used art therapy with Linda as my practitioner as a way to unlock the deeper, hidden, unknown aspects of myself. I never know what is going to come up for me when I begin a session and the outcome, the journey and the experience is always amazing! Linda’s approach guides you so comfortably and trustworthy to go deeper and deeper. She knows exactly how to explore whatever is going on for you to help you express and release any stuck intense emotions or patterns of behavior. What I love the most about art therapy is that it grounds and makes conscious parts of you that you never thought of or had the words or form to express. It truly is a remarkable experience!"

– Andrea Munsie, Gold Coast, Australia.

Linda's Art Therapy will bring out your story using a different part of your brain which will also lead to a different resolution that you never thought possible. I would recommend this form of therapy to everyone.

– Drew Moorely, Qld.

With Linda’s clear open and caring guidance, I was able to move some very negative thoughts quickly and simply in the comfort of my own home. The session lasted 60 min and with clarity and a positive mindset I am able to leave behind the fear of an impending redundancy and a relationship that was not in my best interest. I have no hesitation in recommending Linda and this method of Art therapy on line. It worked for me!!

- Monique Fromberg, Newcastle NSW