About Me

My name is Linda Devonshire and I have a Graduate Diploma and a Masters in Creative Arts Therapy.

Whilst going through a difficult time in my life, I decided to do some art classes. I began to paint and started to realise the healing benefits and personal insights that I gained through making art and the creative process.

This led me to study Creative Arts Therapy and over the years of doing experiential study, I began a very personal, transformative journey of self-discovery. I also use various other holistic counseling modalities that I have learnt, to help adults and children to connect with this transformative process.

Over the years I have worked with children in schools with Autism and physical and learning disabilities. I work with children with behavioural problems from different organizations, individually and through workshops as well as doing staff supervision. I incorporate my knowledge and experience into my private practice by providing a safe, caring environment where adults and children can express, be heard and understood, whilst making meaning to their life experiences.

I have a passion for using the creative process to help others with their own self-discovery, revealing hidden strengths and latent abilities that are underneath unexpressed emotions. This transformation leads clients towards self-discovery and positive changes to their lives.

Through my own journey, I feel I have strong skills in helping others to heal and transform their loss, into positive changes.